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KMC Coaching and Consulting helps business owners and executives develop their people and strategies to achieve success. Success in the current competitive environment requires that today's leaders be prepared to maximize the human potential inherent in their organization. The development of human resources is the key to greater growth and profits for both the individual and the organization. KMC helps individuals, teams and organizations unlock their potential by facilitating a coaching process for professional and personal development.


KMC helps people to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors that will enable them to achieve their organizational and personal goals. This is an innovative and unique inside-out development process. It aligns individual performance with organizational goals, helping people to be more effective and the organization to be more productive.


KMC partners with a nationwide network of Coaching and Consulting professionals that all use the Resource Associates Corporation frameworks. This enables KMC to deliver consistent high quality facilitation and coaching services for clients in multiple geographies.